The Band

The Band

Today, Salsa is a highly international music which is played equally in the Caribbean and Latin and North America, but also well established in Japan and Europe. Rafael Pareja and his band Rafaelito y su Tumbao serve as an example for the popularity.

Rafael Pareja ( Bandleader )

born in Lima, Peru, on 02 Nov.1972. Already as a child Rafaled discovered his affection for Cuban music. At the age of 14, he started to study teh guitar and already at 16 he was on stage for teh first time and performed his first project. The Tumbao Man.


Agustin Caicedo (Piano)

from Quito, Ecuador.

The brilliant pianist convinces with his fabulous rhythm sence, highest creativity in his solos and effective power of his Tumbaos.


Vicente Izquierdo (Vocals)

from Matanzas Cuba.

the musician originally from Matanzas Cuba grew up in Habana. He gained international experience as a singer in different bands performing traditional Ciban music, such as La Banda Meteoro, La Habana Atache and the Orchestra de Pacho Alonso. The authentic Sonero inspires with his powerfull voice and the command of Clave in the singing.


Angel Salazar (Vocals)

from San Luis in Santiago de Cuba.

The Sonero from the country of origin of Son is a representative of the old school of Cuban music. The excellent musician, pianist and singer is highly requested, he interprets the music like no other and keeps the Pregon to the highest level.


Eloy Saname, (Vocals)

from Baracoa Guantanamo, Cuba.

He was strongly impacted by the music of his native country – such as for example by Changui, Nengon and Kiriba. He is a graduate in Orchestral and Band Conducting. In 1996 he founded the band “Proyeccion Sonera” and was a member of a lot of further bands. In 2008 he won several prices. In the competition of the 1000 greatest artists Cubas he was awarded first price in the category Singer.


Julian Montilla ( Congas )

from Cali, Colombia.

He is one of the best talents in the area of Perccussion and Basses. The well-versed Salsero plays masterly and toughly as it is tyoical for a Columbian Tumbao.

Roberto Guerra

Roberto Guerra Madden ( Timbal )

from Havana, Cuba.

He is the master of Percussion par excellence. The unique Timbalero plays extremely well in musical terms and has a magic left hand.


Ramon Plaza ( Bongo)

from Santiago de Chile.

The magnificent percussionist is adept at the area of Clave and Latin Percussion School. He was a member of innumerable bands, among them Conexion Latina, The Wheather Girls and Irazu. He masters the Percussion in Salsa like no other artist does.

Omar Kabir

Omar Kabir ( Trompete )

from New York City, USA.

From an early age he studied the trumpet and is an exceptional trumpeter not only in Salsa but also in Jazz, as well as other genres like Funk and Fusion. He contributes with interpretations, the way of setting accents in salsa phrases, with his rhythm and the clear and thrilling sound


Nemanja Jovanovic ( Trompete )

from Yugoslavia.

He is a professor / lecturer at the Munich College of Music. Not only the sound is perfect but he has a rhythm concept. He masters the instrument perfectly in every detail and impresses with his clear and bright sound.

Johnny MC

Johnny MC Bonilla

from Dom. Republic.

A unique representative of Flow Salsero, Sandungero and Street Style. He was one of the finalists of the first season running on Pro7.

Ven a bailar - con Rafaelito y su Tumbao!