Music Lessons

Private Guitar and E-Bass lessons

Lessons starting from the age of 8 and above.

My aim is for you to learn how to play music and enjoy every step of the way. If you are talented or simply want to start a new hobby, my goal is to keep you motivated.

Be ready for a hands on approach. You will not only learn how to play but also understand the basic theory of music. Music is universal, and all of my students know how to express themselves eloquently by telling a story behind their music. I will take a step by step approach. Work to strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses. This process will be done from basic to advanced levels.

How do you start?

I would be happy to meet with you for a trial lesson. No cost for this first lesson. We will talk about your experience, goals, reason for your interest in attending music class and answer any questions at that moment.

I am a musician, composer, guitarist, bassist and I have taught in many private music schools in Munich Germany. I am a professional musician and have worked as a music professor for 20 years now.

If you are interested in this opportunity, feel free to email me to schedule your FREE trial lesson at:

Or call me on : + 1 ( 201 ) 772 7081